Web hosting & domain

Web hosting and choice of a domain name are another contributing factors to the success of any business online. And that we at smart web solution provided. A good web hosting company must provide some important features to consistently be found and to boost your overall revenue. For instance, if you’re allocated a small bandwidth. You tend to exhaust this bandwidth before the month runs out and your website will no longer be available for bandwidth limit. You can imagine the revenue loss for such a business website. Especially if your website already has traffic and leads you may end up losing them as a result of the frequent unavailability of your website.
Our web hosting solution takes care of this we do not have a limit to our bandwidth. Another important feature is the uptime of your web hosting server. A server that does not provide a 100% uptime should be avoided like the plague.
A website should not in anyway experience a downtime as this may be your peak period and it will definitely hamper the growth and success of any business website. Speed is another feature to look out for when deciding on a web hosting company. The loading speed of a website is critical to the ranking of a website. Although speed load is completely ignored by website owners. 53% of website visits are abandoned due to a slow page load. It often takes about 20 to 22 seconds to load a website on mobile devices yet over 50% of visitors abandoned a website that takes 5 more than seconds to load.