How to build a wordpress site

How to build a wordpress site

How to build a wordpress site begins with the actual installation of wordpress. To begin installing WordPress you must have had a domain of your own. If you don’t click below to get a very cheap and seo rich domain name

Before you choose a domain name jot down what your business is about and make sure your domain has a part of your business in it. This will be useful later when you begin optimizing for a good ranking position in search engines.
Important points to note before you begin installing WordPress and to continue in how to build a wordpress site.

Make sure you don’t use the default “admin” as your username, make your site secure from hackers by using a username that will be difficult for anyone to guess.

Your password too should be secure you can use your panel to generate a secure password for you. the best-secured password is that which contain a combination
of numbers, alphabets, characters and symbols. there are a number of websites that offer free password generator tool. Just type “free password generator”
and you will find dozens on the internet using any of them to generate your secure password
if you don’t want to use your cpanel.
Remember to check the remember me checkbox when you enter your password on the WordPress page so it will be automatically populated for you each time you log in.
The best way to learn something is by practising. We shall follow every detail with practicals.
Now let’s learn how to build a wordpress site by actually building the above website. Note that i may not be able to complete the tutorial now but i will in the next article. I will also provide all the files for download.

Installing wordpress using fantastico

Login to your Hostgator cpanel or any other cpanel they are pretty much the same, click on “fantastico deluxe” or just “fantastico” for another hosting provider.
or better still for a quick installation of WordPress, click on quick install under software and services. on the left find wordpress and click on it. click on the continue button. The next window is where you
will enter your wordpress admin details. Your username and password, you will also be asked if you would install wordpress on your main domain or in a directory.
Enter your domain name in the “install on domain box” or enter a directory name in the “install in a directory” if you want it installed in a directory.
Next, click on the “install WordPress” button and in the next window click on
finish installation” then enter the email where you would like the details of your wordpress installation sent to.

Now, all you need do is to check your email to get your login details ( username, password, the link to your wordpress admin panel click on the link to go to wordpress admin), you can type this in the browser to login to your wordpress admin if you install wordpress on your domain if not type directory/wp-admin

After logging in to your admin panel click on wordpress update to get the latest version of wordpress installed for you. We have just concluded the first part of how to build a wordpress website. Which is the CMS we shall be using to the above website.
You can watch the video if you are impatient to wait for the conclusion of this tutorial.

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