Search Engine Keyword Rank

search engine keyword rank

Search Engine Keyword Rank

What do i mean by search engine keyword rank. Well, keywords are the main words a web page is identified with to be shown in search engines that is. In a layman’s language, some certain words are typed into the search engine by individuals either looking to buy something or to get an information about something. if you have a set of words that are associated with your web page then when these words are typed into the search engine by people. the search engine will display this page that has these words called “keyword”s.

Improve keyword search engine ranking

It does not mean once some certain words are included in the content of your webpage then it will automatically bring up the webpage when a visitor type in the same keyword. In most cases, your page may not be shown even when people type in the same key phrase or words associated with your webpage. What makes a website’s keyword search engine ranks low?

To be able to make a website visible by the search engines via its keyword then you should do the following.

  • Keyword research. A thorough keyword research should be done to find a long tail keyword with little or no competition so as to improve your keyword search engine ranking the more competitive a keyword is the harder it is to rank such keyword. You probably have billions of other websites using this same keyword. How do you expect to rank your page with this high amount of competition?
  • Another factor that affects your keyword search engine rank is keyword placement in content. Your content, article or blog must have specific tags and some strategic areas where your keywords should be placed. For instant you must have just a single H1 tag in your page. and this h1 tag should encompass your keywords. You should also have your keyword in your paragraph especially the first paragraph enclosing it with the strong or bold tag. Get a step by step tutorial on how to do on page SEO.
  • Keyword stuffing. By all means, avoid keyword stuffing so you may not be penalized by Google or other search engines. The quota for the number of times you should use your keywords is estimated to be about 2 keywords to 100 words. And be sure not to place the same keyword repeatedly all over your page. Mix it up with the synonyms of your keywords. To find synonyms for your keywords use this tool Keyword Synonym
  • Your content should be unique and at least make it a 400 words page. Although the length of your content does not directly affect your keyword search engine rank it definitely affects indirectly. Indirectly in the sense that most of the pages analysed to rank on the first page of google had between 1000 to 2000 words.
  • Improving your search engine keyword rank with backlinks. A backlink is important for ranking a website. Your webpage ranking is greatly influenced by the number and value of the backlink you have. If you have websites with high domain authority linking to you. You’re likely to improve your rank base on the competitiveness of the keyword.
  • Social media. the more engaging a website or page is the higher its search engine keyword rank. Search engines always take note of the social media presence of a page. Your rank tends to move up as your content becomes more engaging. Besides, social media is a very good channel for driving traffic to your site.

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