How to install joomla template

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How to install joomla template

We shall understand everything there is on how to install Joomla template. But first, let’s understand what joomla is all about.
Joomla is a Content Management system(CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and the rest of them.

CMS is a computer system that lets a user do some basic tasks on a website. Tasks like creating website content,
modifying and deleting content, inserting and publishing content.
We have two CMS elements known as CMA (Content Management Application) and CDA (Content Delivery Application).
The CMA is used to do all the above-mentioned tasks(content modification, creation, etc), without having to understand any programming language. While the CDA is like the engine behind the CMA.
CDA is the actual implementation of those tasks performed by the user. That is, a website is updated based on the tasks performed by the user.

Joomla is one of the many content management systems we have, it has some magnificent features
that will make any website look like “made in heaven” (don’t mind me, i just wanted to make you smile..).
To a lot of people,joomla is complex and difficult to understand, but am assuring you that nothing is difficult to understand if you set your mind to it and you have a simplified tutoring.
I have embedded a video to get you started on the download and installation.
I will upload more videos on how to install joomla template using another method and also how to customize joomla’s themes,
giving it a unique and professional look.

This is how to intall joomla template,but first we need to download Joomla first
It will take you to a page like above image

Click on the download button to download the latest version of
joomla, you can also click on the “joomla3 button”
to download joomla3. Next you will be taken to a download page that looks
like the below image

install joomla template

click on the download joomla 3.4.5 button to download it
to your computer.
Right click on the joomla zip’s folder you downloaded to your computer and select
extract all.

Next open up your Filezilla or click on filezilla download link, if you don’t already have it.
Filezilla Download
Your filezilla should look like this

installing joomla template

connect filezilla to your server by typing your cpanel username and password in the appropriate fields.
On the right is your server while on the left is your computer.To upload your
joomla files to your server,create a directory folder in which the files will be
uploaded by right clicking anywhere on your server side then choose new directory
give it a name and then open up the newly created empty folder.Browse on the left to where
you extracted your joomla files then click on one of the files to select it,press ctrl A on windows
command A on mac this will highlight all the files.
Right click and select “upload” to upload the files to your server.

Next you need to create a database in your cpanel for your joomla site/files.
to create a database check this tutorial on how to create a database
Make sure you save your database name,username and password somewhere as you would need it
to configure and install joomla.
To install joomla on the server,
open up your browser and type in your domain name slash the name of the
folder you uploaded joomla files to.
You will be taken to joomla’s configuration page, here is where you will fill in your username
password database name after which you click on the Install
button to install joomla.

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